Why fundastick:  

Our motive is the love of our art.

We turn events to unforgettable experiences.

We go anywhere there is a need for live entertainment.

We listen, we propose, you choose, you enjoy.

We always offer that something extra.

A message from Panagiotis

Panagiotis Argyrakis

In life you have to pursue the things you love. So, as a group of artists sharing the same passion for the circus arts and circus without animals, we commenced in 2002 offering entertainment to children and adults alike with fundastick performing arts.

We are happy to see smiles flourishing on faces because of our work. We are really proud for our cooperation with institutions that help children. We believe moving forward means encouraging the young and transmitting a positive message.

For us events are opportunities to create new entertaining and learning experiences.

Thank you for your love and with your support we promise a lot more to come!

Panagiotis Argyrakis

fundastick performing arts


  • Panagiotis Argyrakis
    Panagiotis Argyrakis Producer, Juggler, Stilt Walker

    He left a career in corporate marketing to run fundastick performing arts. By producing, performing and teaching he brings the circus arts closer to all audiences. A dream chaser, he has a mighty boy and a tremendous girl.

  • Giannis Smeros
    Giannis Smeros Acrobat, Stilt Walker, Juggler

    Multitalented, with amazing moves and a very personal style. Highly experienced, he has been teaching aerial acrobatics and other circus arts for years. With Gianna they have both the eldest and the youngest offsprings in our “family”.

  • Gianna Medvedeva
    Gianna Medvedeva Acrobat, Stilt Walker, Spinner

    Former acrobatic gymnastics champion, an exquisite performer both technically and artistically. With Giannis they have been sharing and spreading their knowledge and experience to countless aspiring acrobats. Remarkably she is both the first and last to become a mom within our troupe.

  • Antonis “Deva” Pasvantis
    Antonis “Deva” Pasvantis Director, Acrobat, Juggler

    A versatile artist, circus arts’ teacher with great performing experience in all kinds of events. He has directed many circus shows and has taken part in many circus festivals. He is the father of a wonderful girl.

  • George “Pomet” Serafimidis
    George “Pomet” Serafimidis Juggler, Object Manipulator

    Using a variety of props he produces unique spectacles on the verge of illusion. Based on his own research he produces and teaches new techniques in his art. He is the father of an adorable son.

  • Neil Adrian “Blake” Blakemore
    Neil Adrian “Blake” Blakemore Juggler, Stilt Walker

    With a very distinctive, characteristic style and flow, Blake transmits his positive energy to every audience with unforced ease. A master himself, he is a stilt walking teacher. Equally entertaining working solo or as a valuable team member. He has two marvelous boys.