Glow in the Dark

Using props that glow in the dark we literally produce light paintings in the dark. The props are LED (light-emitting diode), or fluorescent.

LEDs are very bright and color changing and we may dim down the lights for the light trails to be more visible. We also use state of the art, glow in the dark LED pixel props which can display your logo and text. It is a very powerful mean of message communication.

For the fluorescent props we create a UV or “black light” environment like in the black theatre. The only visible things are the juggling or spinning props and any other fluorescent element on costumes, sets and objects.

Glow in the Dark Shows are simply mesmerising, perfect for events where we have good control  of the lights.

We perform Glow in the Dark Shows at events like private parties, product launches, sales promotions, children parties, school festivals, in night clubs and corporate events.

Fill your event with the lighting color of the fundastick Glow in the Dark Show.