Contact Juggling

One of the most recent developments in the ancient art of juggling is Contact Juggling. In Contact Juggling instead of tossing a ball in the air we keep it in constant contact with our body, rolling it on the arms and hands. The spectacle is impressive yet “discreet”.

Technological advances have allowed the construction of objects which, combined with our skills and abilities, produce spectacles on the verge of illusion. Acrylic balls that look like crystal ones, batons made of plexiglass, S shaped staffs and glow in the dark props are some of the new equipment used to produce extraordinary shows that will mesmerize you. Hence the new art form of Object Manipulation.

It is a spectacle ideal for any kind of venue. Here is a sample.

We offer Contact Juggling and Object Manipulation as guest welcoming or walkabout at parties and corporate events. Also as a show in weddings, christenings, children parties, night clubs etc.

Amaze your guests with the fundastick Contact Juggling and Object Manipulation show.