Bubble Show

Welcome to the magic world of the fundastick Bubble Show. It is made of love, water and soap! Bubbles have a truly magical impact on both children and adults. Using special handmade tools and various bubble water mixes we create whole worlds in our Bubble Shows.

Just when you gaze at a bubble in marvel, “pop”! It is gone and you can’t wait for the next one to inflate. Transparent, multicolored, small, big, humongous, one inside another, filled with air, filled with… you! Will you resist or will you pop it?

Kids LOVE bubbles!

A Bubble Show party is very entertaining, suitable for any kind of venue.

We include the Bubble Show as reception, parade or main attraction in our offers for events like children parties, christenings, weddings, corporate, openings, sales promotions, carnivals, Christmas celebrations etc.

For an amazing Bubble Show performance in Athens, in Greece, or anywhere in the world (!) book the interactive fundastick Bubble Show for your children and feel free to take all the credit!