Aerial Acrobatics

In Aerial Αcrobatics we transform gravity from limitation to potential. Twisting with grace and dexterity on the air, we produce inspiring spectacles filled with unique emotions.

Aerial Αcrobatics combine athletic ability with artistic expression. With total control over body movement we present choreographed sets of exercises on hanging apparatus like tissue (silks), ring (hoop), trapeze etc.

All fundastick performing arts acrobats are teachers with many years of training and performing experience. Our aerial agility will turn your event into something genuinely memorable.

Aerial Αcrobatics are ideal for outdoor and high ceiling venues.

We include Αerial Αcrobatics performances in our entertainment proposals for private parties, corporate events, openings, product launches, sales promotions, opening and closing ceremonies, carnivals, Christmas events, even children parties.

Book a fundastick performing arts Aerial Acrobatics performance and lift your event to the next level.