Stilt Walkers

At fundastick you will find the most experienced, smiling stilt walkers. We have well designed and maintained costumes, great agility and we can even juggle with fire up there!

Stilt Walkers are very impressive and visible from a great distance. Our character is defined by our costume. Equally important are the way we move, things we can do while on stilts and the ability to interact and communicate with your guests.

Besides the conventional stilts, we also use state of the art pneumatic stilts that bounce. This feature expands the limits of speed and dynamic movement of Stilt Walkers which results to extra impression points from your guests.

Stilt walking is perfect for most kinds of venues. We propose Stilt Walkers for reception, walkabouts and attraction in events as children parties, christenings, weddings, school fests, corporate dinners and events, openings, product launches, sales promotions, Xmas villages etc.

Keep your event’s energy high with the amazing fundastick performing arts Stilt Walkers.